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Disney Educational Adventures! Great for Middle School/Junior High School, High School, & Private Schools in Spring of 2021 and Beyond! Perfect for Small Groups and Classes. Explore Disney World Parks and take part in wonderful educational experiences! Categories Include: Art, Science, Social Studies/History, & Technology!

3 Days /2 Nights

Group size



Animation Academy: The Secrets of Drawing Disney Characters
In this learning adventure, participants discover how basic geometric shapes combine to create iconic Disney characters who evoke a myriad of emotions. Guided by a Disney artist, students use artist-quality materials to illustrate their very own Disney character. Along the way, they’ll add some basic techniques and tricks to their repertoire of core art skills—which will help give their future drawings a professional edge!
Story Telling Drawings: A Gesture Drawing Class
In this interactive workshop, students will learn gesture drawing and see how it applies to other art forms, most notably, animation. Guided by a Disney artist and with the assistance of a live, costumed model, students get a glimpse of the reality of quick-sketching from life.
Cel Animation: Ink & Paint
In this field study, students have the opportunity to step back in time and discover some of the historical background of Walt Disney’s animation and the techniques used by the celebrated Ink & Paint artists to create the great Disney animated classics. Participants will be able to define “animation", explain and illustrate the cel art technique known as “puddle and push”, calculate the number of frames needed in a 90-minute animated film, and much more!
Photography: A Visual Adventure
Guided by a professional from the Disney Fine Art Photography team and a Disney Y.E.S. facilitator, participants will discover photographic tools and elements that will enhance their photo storytelling. Participants will be able to apply creativity and photographic elements to produce images with impact, analyze photographs to further develop individual technique and skill level, develop a creative eye for capturing an image that tells a story, and much more!


Discovering Marine Life Conservation
Students play the role of marine conservationists to learn about the difficulties facing aquatic animals in the wild and ways they can help them. During this 3-hour program your group will practice their observational skills to identify a variety of fish species, as well as predators and prey. Students will also team up to brainstorm creative solutions for protecting our oceans and marine life.
Energy and Waves Physics Lab
Students will discover how energy is transmitted by light and sound waves. Participants will also learn how these waves affect the Disney Guest experience and day-to-day life. Additionally, students find out how light and sound can be manipulated.
Everyday Chemistry
In Everyday Chemistry, science is demystified as participants discover that everything they hear, see, smell, taste, and touch involves chemistry and chemicals. Students will come to understand that chemistry is the science of change and it’s the job of chemists to predict and explain how matter interacts to form the new substances that we come into contact with every day.
Exploring Careers in the Marine Sciences
Make a splash while investigating a fascinating marine science career track during this 3-hour program for students. Discover how Disney's scientific teams maintain the environment and care for the inhabitants of a nearly 6-million-gallon aquarium at the center of The Seas with Nemo & Friends. Students will learn the education and training required for a marine science profession, understand the responsibilities of studying and caring for aquatic animals, and how they can play a role in oceanic conservation.
Sustainable Practices in Wildlife Conservation
Bring environmental studies lessons to life with this 3-hour program at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. Students will gain a new perspective while discovering how all people and animals are connected and how they respond to environmental challenges. Your group will study different cultural perspectives on conservation, challenges to fossil fuels, and human development of renewable energy. Students will work together using their new knowledge to create an effective conservation action plan.
The Science Behind the Seeds
During this interactive exploration of the Living with the Land attraction at Epcot, students will investigate innovative, sustainable growing techniques and learn how to incorporate them into their own gardens. They will also discover how various hydroponic techniques function to help plants grow and learn how exciting alternative fruits, vegetables, and grains can diversify their diets and gardens.
Exploring Careers in the Zoological Sciences
Students will study various animal science roles—from animal behaviorist to nutritionist—at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. Throughout this 3-hour field study, students investigate the responsibilities and contributions of the various scientific teams that ensure the well-being of the animals in our care. Students will identify and explain various careers within the Zoological Sciences, discuss how training and enrichment methods enhance the quality of life for animals in human care, and inspire others to protect and preserve wildlife and wild places!

Social Studies/History

Discovering the American Spirit

Through an examination of American history, students will discover how the conflicts we faced as an emerging sovereign nation birthed a fierce mindset known as the American spirit. Students will gain an understanding of the distinctive traits of this spirit: courage, determination, optimism, rugged individualism, and compassion. Students will learn how these traits guided our Founding Fathers and how these characteristics continue to serve Americans in overcoming adversity in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness—the American dream.


The Evolution of Technology
Students will discover the progressive nature of technology as they explore factors that influence and impact development and acceptance.
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