How Women Are Reshaping the Golf-Buddy Trip

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The buddy trip is a time- honored golf tradition – but it’s not just for the guys anymore. Women are increasingly booking these getaways to relax and reconnect with their gal pals, and, of course, enjoy a little camaraderie on the golf course. In the process, they are redefining the buddy trip.

We’ve hosted women’s groups of all sizes over the years, and we see distinct differences and similarities between what women and men want from a trip,” says Richard Mogensen, general manager of central Florida’s Streamsong Resort. “The women are just as serious as the men about their golf, but while the guys tend to stick to golf and sporting activities, women’s groups want a broader experience with a strong emphasis on exploring unique dining options.

According to Mogensen, women’s buddy groups have some key items on the getaway agenda:

* Great Golf – This is still a buddy trip after all, and golf is undeniably central to the experience.

* Unique Activities and Amenities – Men’s groups typically play 36 holes in a day, while women often stick to 18 a day, leaving time for other activities.

* Tailored Dining – Burgers and beer or steaks and bourbon won’t cut it for a more refined palette. Women’s groups seek signature dishes with the perfect wine pairing and group dining when they travel.

* Unexpected Settings – Women’s groups want the memorability factor in their buddy-trip destination.

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