Kasia Neumeister Attends Heartland Travel Showcase

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Kasia, our senior planner, attended Heartland Travel Showcase in Cincinnati, Ohio. Heartland Travel Showcase is a group tour trade show for tour operators around the country to meet with Heartland suppliers and generate new ideas for group experiences. Find out more about Kasia’s trip below!

Will you give us an overview of your trip?

On March 11-14, I went to Heartland Travel Showcase which took place along the Ohio River. The Showcase was held in Cincinnati, and we travelled to Northern Kentucky for the FAM and sightseeing. The trade show was extremely productive. I was able to make new connections with suppliers, network, explore new attractions, and meet old and new travel partners.  

Kasia (far right) with Suppliers:
L-R: Jennifer Sanchez and friend with Seneca Resorts, Leah Mueller with Visit Buffalo Niagara, Tillie Youngs with Visit 1000 Islands, Tina Mt. Pleasant with Destination Niagara, Holly Avino with Visit Rochester, and Claire Dunlap with Tour Cayuga

What did you enjoy the most about your experience?

Visiting the different attractions! During the first night of the show, we attended an opening night reception on the BB Riverboat. The Riverboat had three levels each with different foods. The top level had a bunch of deserts to choose from. The blueberry chocolate chip ice cream from Graeter’s Ice Cream was unbelievable – definitely a must-taste during any Ohio visit. We also toured the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. This museum was very informative and powerful. I learned stories I didn’t know before and the meaning they hold in our lives and American History. The displays were very good about teaching us how slavery and freedom affects the decisions of today. The second day of the tour, we visited the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. The Ark was a lot bigger than I thought from the pictures. The Creation Museum was very interesting. It had a lot of displays, and the volunteers were very willing to answer questions.

Kasia with Patricia Mefford and Cindy Neff

What was your takeaway from the Showcase?

I didn’t realize the Heartland Region has so much to offer. There are so many opportunities for different tours and attraction visits. I was very pleased with my experience during the appointments with suppliers and FAM opportunities.

Kasia at the Creation Museum

What are some exciting upcoming projects for you?

I came away from the Showcase with so many ideas for new tours. I’m very excited to start planning new products for the Ohio, Kentucky, and Upstate New York areas. For a little sneak-peek, I will be planning a European Cities in Ohio tour. Keep an eye on your emails for my new developments.

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