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The shared view of our exciting histories and cultures, the natural beauty, and the American Way of Life left a lasting impression. Our meetings, discussions, common activities with completely different youth groups and the recognition of things we have in common and the differences sharpen our senses to see beyond one’s own nose and makes us want to know more.
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Rosemarie Kelle - President

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Go Student Tours (GST) is a leading tour operator offering custom college tours to student educational groups from across the nation. GST works diligently to ensure you get the best quality tour that meets your requirements and budget.

As respected leaders in student higher education travel, GST have provided the opportunity for thousands of students to embark on the path of higher education. We believe that knowledge is the answer, and we strive to help opportunity reach all of America’s Youth. Together we can give our students the tools they need to succeed.

The future awaits the college-bound student! GST offers middle school and high school educational student groups a variety of college tours to help students experience first hand the colleges and universities of their choice. This allows participants on the tour to interact with the university’s students and staff in a campus atmosphere.

GST college tours are a great opportunity for students to tour many college campuses and evaluate their preference. Students, parents, and educators can choose to visit a wide selection of schools, including private and public schools. This will help in the decision if a large or small school is appropriate for them.

Our College Tours are created with forward vision in mind. We provide students an opportunity to immerse themselves into the energy and culture of a college campus. We work with college admissions to create a visit that will inspire, engage, and assist students to reach their goals. Your group can spend time with a college representative, attend an information session, and meet with qualified financial aid specialists.

Here’s how to maximize your visit

  1. Be weather-wise. It’s easy to fall in love with a school on a gorgeous day or reject it on a rainy day. Remember to think in terms of year round averages.
  2. Arrange an information session and tour of the school (we do this for you)
  3. Get a second opinion. Talk to your guide. Ask another student for his input about the school.
  4. Grab a local Nosh. Eat lunch or snack on campus. Check out the range of eating options. Observe students. Bonus! You may be able to eavesdrop on a few conversations about the school.
  5. Read all about it. Scan the campus bulletin boards; grab a copy of the local paper.

San Jose State University, California     Photo courtsey of tpsdave @