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The shared view of our exciting histories and cultures, the natural beauty, and the American Way of Life left a lasting impression. Our meetings, discussions, common activities with completely different youth groups and the recognition of things we have in common and the differences sharpen our senses to see beyond one’s own nose and makes us want to know more.
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Rosemarie Kelle - President

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Go Student Tours (GST) is a leading student tour operator, serving as a reliable host to the nation's student tour operators, youth groups, scout, and various types of organizations requiring customized tour planning services.  

GST offers planned customized itineraries prepared for students and youth groups whether you are arriving by motorcoach (bus), air, or rail. Large groups with multiple buses are welcome. If you have a special request, give us a call 1-800-769-5912. GSTs’ experienced professional staff will help make your travel dreams come true.

GST arranges hotel rooms, meals, entertainment, cruises, escort/guide service, ground transportation, and overnight security for student groups. Our clients include, student tour operators, student group leaders, cultural heritage groups, schools, churches, scouts, colleges, ROTC, and special interest groups.

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC     Photo courtsey of PublicDomainPictures @

Bull Elephant     Photo courtsey of JamesDeMers @